How much is ENOUGH for you to be free?

Start your quest to discover what will be enough for you to be financially free.

How to use the calculator

Age (years)

Your age.

Initial deposit

This is the total amount of money that you’d like to invest.


The amount that you’d like to invest per month.

Target Passive

The passive income that you aim to have.

There is a preset amount on ROI (return on investment per annum) and asset allocation %. You can change the numbers to reflect your investment portfolio.

Note: Current inflation is about 3%, which is why holding cash gives you a -3% ROI. This means that the cash is decreasing in value per year. You can buy less with the same amount of cash.

Once you fill in the numbers, click the Calculate button, and the results will be displayed on the right. It will tell you the number of years and months that your portfolio will take to provide you with the targeted passive income.

You can also toggle between Table View and Chart View.